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“The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired” – Stephen W. Hawking

The discovery of the Internet and its resounding impact on the human society could be easily mistaken to be work of divine providence.  Nobody took it seriously save a few religious souls (read as geeks) who could be mistaken to be crazy visionaries living in the fringes.  Gradually, everyone began to realize its omnipotence and gradually the whole world was proselytized. If you think, that’s everything to it, you are mistaken! The revolution has just begun

How far are you willing to go down across the rabbit hole?

Join us as we take our journey to chronicle the story of the Internet.

Web Brahman – The Trilogy [written as “Web Brahhman” in movies] has been made in the spirit of Web, with its spirit of openness. It is a mash-up from various movies made on the Internet phenomenon

Apart from the contribution of many on the web and Prasanth Vijay, three more monkeys made this trilogy possible.

The Teacher:

Prithwiraj N Ghorpade (pg)



Avinash Maurya

Venkataraman Ramachandran


PG’s thoughts…

3 points about this trilogy: 

1. This whole idea of that you can do this [movie] out of your position. I mean, I have been doing stuff around this kind of course for the last 10 12 years and it was always, ofcourse,i started with the standard conventional approach where I told people to do stuff and you get to the point where this movie was completely made by students on their own positions. First of all just the idea that when things begin to connect then actually people begin to do things by themselves. So the spontaneous actions is actually when connection happens spontaneous actions follows.  Here is an example for that. I didn’t even thing about a film like this. It was completely conceived and made by them.

2. None of this is needed to be.. you have to start from scratch. It was all already mixed up. So actually you know, just out of the stuff thats avaiable you can make something very useful. We have this amazing organisation called Shikshantar and this stuff that they do called “Kabaad Se Jugaad”. You put together stuffs from the garbage can and make it very useful.You know, actually we have created a world where as long as you change the context almost anything can be made to look like anything else. So I mean, none of this was probably meant to be an end of the course. Everybody was talking about this work and you put it together in a certain context and suddenly you got a product.

So, thats really how the nature of the product are going to work. That you don’t exactly put a content. You don’t really start with a product. You first create a context and then you put in stuffs that builds up the content. So the content is actually subservient to context. So almost any content can be made to look useful if the context is clear. So this is again first time in history that content is subservient to context. At a metaphorical level it was always so but actually now you can put in stuff and you know Bhel Puri ban jata hai.

3. 3rd facinating thing about this film is, this is exactly how everything is happening. That somebody at his own position does something and puts together something or the other and some people who were not even connected with any of this get together and now will spread the word about this thing in a completely organic way, none of which anyone of us have any control of. You know what Kiran [Gulrajani] said, Can I have a film like this, he will show it to somebody else and God know what will happen out of that. So I mean, this is exactly pollination happens in nature. You have no clue where the bee will come from, which flower will it sit, out of that where the honey will go, which fruit will be created… we have no control. Its facinating!

This epitomises really all of which we have been talking about. You know, you really don’t need to give amazing examples created out of your mind. Anybody that does anything in this world is an example of how this world works.

– Prithwiraj n Ghorpade

As told to a bunch of people who came on 3rd April 2010 for the screening of “Web Brahman Part III – Web Future”

Digitised by Avinash Maurya


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